About Me

By Sydney Ballesteros
Certified Fitness Coach and Co-Founder of
The San Francisco Community Wellness Center

We are living in a dream and the dream is filled with mirrors to reflect back to us who we are and who we are not.  Our friends, family, and lovers, are our mirrors.  Even our enemies are our mirrors.  The state of our bodies is a mirror and even the state of the planet is a mirror.

Most healthy adults can increase their physical activities without a medical exam. However, if you can answer yes to any of the following questions please call your healthcare provider before increasing your physical activity:

*Has your doctor ever restricted or told you to not engage in exercise or physical activities? *Are you extremely breathless after only mild activity?

*Do you take medications for high blood pressure or a heart problem?

*Is there any medical condition (diabetes, back problems) that might need special attention if you increase your current activity level?

*Are you middle-aged or older, physically inactive and planning a fairly vigorous exercise program.

Giving yourself solutions to health care that are practical and not fanatical, is both rewarding and satisfying. Everyone wants total health and well being made possible by covering all the bases from chemical nutritional to structural mechanical and to positive emotional thinking. All will enhance and create a more dynamic picture for your return to good health.