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Cooking on the New Outdoor Griddle

Recently, I purchased an outdoor griddle (Blackstone) and now that the weather is good I thought that I would make a post about how to use this thing. The great thing about outdoor griddles as opposed to the standard grill, is that the temperature is evenly distributed across the entire surface. The flavor of the food is also different because all of the juices get soaked into the griddle.

This outdoor griddle is propane powered and can feed up to 20 people with the surface area that it has. Most people have the idea that these outdoor griddles are used for cooking pancakes but you can use them to cook vegetables, has browns, meats and just about every other thing that you can imagine.

There are a variety of good cookbooks and I recently bought The Flippin’ Awesome Backyard Griddle Cookbook which has some amazing cooking tips and recipes and I would highly recommend it.

If you’re going to be getting an outdoor griddle (which I would highly recommend) I would watch some videos first on youtube on how to set everything up. It’s a bit different than an outdoor grill and requires a bit of seasonisng and other protection measures to ensure that it stays in good shape.

The great thing about the outdoor griddle is the ability to cook seafood, which my family loves. Fish and shrimp are great on it and the smell is unbeleievable. The temperature of the surface get’s up to almost 600 degrees, so you’re done cooking your food in about 2 minutes. Especially with vegitables you have to be extra careful not to burn them.

Without going into too much detail about different recipes there is not much more I can say about the outdoor griddle. If you care about your health and want to prepare amazing tasting food, then I would definitely recommend this.

The food has probably never tasted better, probably because of the whole outdoor experience and the oils that linger inside the griddle as your cooking.

My 2018 New Years Resolution

A New Year!  We have lived another year or have we? Are you sure? I just spent New Year’s Eve at a beautiful hotel in new york – wyndham hotels. There were parties going on everywhere. I chose to go to a party that had live music from the 60’s and 70’s, yes, that shows my age. What was shown to me there was amazing. In one room there were the living and what I call the walking dead. That may sound like a judgment, but I call them like I see them.

The walking dead, are people who look like they are living and breathing, but are they truly living?  Watch them carefully and you will see a different story all together.   Look in their eyes.  There is no one home. They are not fully in their bodies.

I sat down at a table where there were four other couples.  I sat next to a man whom I had never met before.  He look to be in his 70’s and his wife looked to be in her 60’s. We started up a conversation.  They were wintering in San Diego, living there on their Yacht  He looked tired and held his head in his hands.  He leaned over and said to me, “I don’t know why I am here. In fact, I should have been gone years ago.”  He continued through the night closing his eyes, and looking uncomfortable.  He then got up and left the party.  His wife and the other couple left soon after.

Then there was the couple who had joined us earlier.  They were friends of friends.  We spent the weekend together.  The woman had just been diagnosed with cancer and had told her friend that she was resigned to die soon.  She and her husband sat quietly through the night, said little and did little.  When asked  to dance, they said no, you go.  The sitting went on all weekend.  When we did ask to go for a walk the next day along the waterfront, they weren’t sure they wanted to go.  They followed along for a short distance and asked to turn back.

This was the anniversary of the day I discovered I had breast cancer three years earlier.  What I came to know from going through the process of facing a life threatening disease is that you have a choice to make at that time.  I chose not to die and here I am three years later with no cancer and no disease.  I have worked to heal myself.  Yet here I was surrounded by people who did not chooselife.  Some of them were conscious of this fact and some were not.  What this showed me was that it was not enough to decide that I did not want to die.  I needed todecide that I wanted to live.  Live life to the fullest.  Dance, sing, make love, smell the roses, surround myself with others that wish to live.  That is why I called to myself the living dead.  So that it was so clear to me that I had not only chosen not to die, but I had chosen to live.

I by the way danced my heart out.  Not only did I walk along the bay in the dawn of the new year, but I danced to the music coming out of the hotels as I passed along the way.  I had made a new agreement with myself.  The agreement was to LIVE!  Happy New Year.


Ego and Enlightenment

Last week I went to listen to deborah king, internationally known spiritual teacher and modern kabbalist. The conversation of the evening was the ego and how different spiritual teachings have different ways of dealing with the ego.

She asked the room what their beliefs were in this area. One person felt that the ego must die in order for us to reach enlightenment. Another spoke about the ego must be transmuted.  Another spoke of different stages that the ego goes through, kind of like stair steps of evolution and doorways that must be passed through to reach enlightenment.

One person spoke that the ego needs to step aside for us to become fully enlightened.

I can’t begin to recount what Jason Shulman had to say about the ego and the different philosophies, I can only recount my own personal perception and reflection from the evening. First, he spoke about the ego as being a part of our earthly being, just as much as our body is.

He stated that it was a necessary part of us and that it’s function is to bring stability to our journey here on the planet.  Denial of the ego can be just as difficult a journey as denial of the physical.  I know, because I have experienced both and it was not pleasant.  I almost died twice.  When I was in denial of my ego and trying to kill it off, I felt like I was in a constant battle, a battle which was affecting my body as well.

I then came to an awareness that there was no fight needed.  I just needed to become fully aware of the ego and to differentiate between the ego and pure awareness or true knowing.  This was necessary because, as Jason Shulman pointed out in his conversation, the ego is always trying to keep homeostasis, balance, or status quo.  So if you are wishing to change, evolve, or grow, the ego is not really programmed to go there.  Status quo means staying right where you are.  Therefore when you experience that moment of enlightenment, the ego says, oh no, you have to come back to where you were before, we don’t know where that state of pure awareness, oneness, or whatever you wish to call it, will take us.  The unknown to the ego is not status quo.  Therefore you go in and out of that state of being.  Jason Shulman brought about the hypothesis that it is the ego that is doing this in attempt stabilize your being here on the planet.

This brought to mind what one of the women said about enlightenment, that it is a journey of stair stepping and going through doorways.  If the ego’s function is to stabilize our being while here in this earthly dream, then when we do take that evolutionary leap, the ego will tend to bring us back.  But once we have moved ahead in our evolution, it can not move us back completely,  It can have us down play it, have us forget some of it, but there is indeed a shift that the ego cannot change or deny.  So it settles for stabilizing us at a different level of awareness.  This is the appearance of stair stepping or progressing to different levels of enlightenment.

So if one is wishing to move to become fully enlightened or fully aware at all times without going in and out of awareness, what does one do with the ego?  This is a good topic for a Blog.

From where I am right now, I can only share my perception or hypothesize.  For the past six years I have seen my ego as an ally, it is always showing me the thoughts, ideas, and beliefs that it uses to stabilize me.  An example I believe is the belief that I must fit in and be like everyone else.  This is one archtypical thought that the ego carries.  So when we go to express our true nature and the ego checks to see if it fits in with everyone else’s nature.  We become so obsessed with fitting in, wearing the right clothes, driving the right car, living in the right car, and I can go on for years on this pattern, it is so ingrained in us.  So by the time we meet adulthood, we loose the sense of who we are and go on a search to find ourselves.  Ha, as if we disappeared.  Another ego tactic to make us think that we are in someway missing or not whole.

There is a dualistic nature to the ego.  In order to stabilize something, you must move in one direction and then if you go too far, you must turn around and move in the opposite direction.  So the opposite of the archetypical thought that we must fit in is what I call the rebel.  The rebel likes to sabotage, it likes to go against the norm, stick out, be different.  So you see one part of us is wanting to be the same while another part of us is wishing to be different.  Insanity, yes. Built right into us.  No wonder we wish to go to sleep.

By observing what is going on, I have come to accept that the ego is part of my being here in this earthly dream and I stay aware of it’s patterns and behaviors.  Just as one can exercise and eat the right foods to enhance the bodies functioning,  I have been working with my ego to release some of it’s more negative archetypes, which are just energies that carry thought or consciousness and actually reside in our physical bodies.  By doing this I have found that those patterns leave my body and never reappear.  I don’t try to kill my ego, move it aside, I work with it so that it evolves right along with me.  I accept it as a part of my earthly existence just as I accept my physical body and that is a whole new discussion.  The acceptance of the physical.

Healing Pain and Learning from Defeat

I was recently in the hospital for abdominal surgery.  During that stay I found out just how powerful the body’s ability to treat pain can be. During the first 24 hours post surgery, when the anesthesia wears off, there is a period of time when my pain was so intense that the Demerol drip that they gave me did not cover the pain.

I was laying in bed in agony.  Then it dawned on me.  I do energy medicine for a living, why don’t I try to treat my pain energetically.  Luckily the surgery was on my abdomen and I was able to reach the area with my hands.  I first removed the energy imbalance and then applied hands on healing.

It was amazing  that for the first time since the anesthesia wore off, I was completely comfortable and my abdomen was relaxed.  I was able to go back to sleep for about four hours.  From that time on, every time I felt pain, I would use energy medicine to relieve it.

The nurses were surprised that I no longer requested pain medication.  I think they thought that I was hiding something stronger in my purse.  I was using something stronger, my body’s own mechanism for relieving pain.  The concentrated energy that is sent to the body signals the body that this area requires attention.

The body can more easily sense the pain and releases it’s own endorphins to relieve the pain.  This chi energy promotes the body to release these endorphins and they go directly to the site where this energy is focused.

Healing is also promoted by the use of subtle energy.    When chi energy is brought to a section of the body, the body’s circulation increases to that area, bringing more nutrients, and more of the body’s defense mechanisms for preventing infection.

Energy flow in the body follows circulatory flow. When energy is block or disrupted, the circulation can also be diminished or disrupted.  When the flow of energy is strong, so to is the circulatory flow.  This is why it is so important to make sure your energy is balanced.

Getting Healthy in 2018!

This year will be more important than ever before!The rising cost of medical care has led to the genesis of corporate medicine (HMOs) and the big question as to who is handling your medical decisions – doctors or corporate executives?

It can be disheartening for both the patient and the doctor. This is why you MUST take an active role in taking care of your health.

The following suggestions may be of help:

  • Drink 8 glasses of filtered water a day (reverse osmosis is one of your better choices).
  • Eat plenty of Complex Carbohydrates (Whole grains, legumes, beans, the less processed the better).
  • Eat organic fruits and vegetables.
  • Limited red meat and pork. Eat meat that is hormone, and antibiotic free.
  • Eat fish at least twice a week.
  • Supplement with a good multi-vitamin – one that is balanced, has a guarantee of potency and does not have any necessary additives. We have had great results with a brand called Usana.
  • Eliminate partially hydrogenated fats from your diet (Margarine) and increase the use of fats rich in mono and poly unsaturated fatty acids ( flaxseed oil, borage oil, extra virgin cold pressed olive oil).
  • Foods to avoid: white sugar, white flour, partially hydrogenated fats, artificial sweeteners, soft drinks, and highly processed food.
  • Exercise – yoga and tai chi are both beneficial for mind and body. Weight baring exercises are good for muscle and bone strength, and aerobics help strengthen your heart and circulation.
  • Get rid of toxic chemicals in your home.
  • Make sure your life has balance between productive time and leisure time.
  • Develop friendships that are supportive and uplifting. Spend time with your friends.

Live a full, healthy, productive life in the new millennium and you will not have to visit me other than to show me how healthy you are.

The peaceful coexistence of seemingly different or even opposite approaches to health care is a good standard of ‘complimentary care’.

The ancient adage of “Doctors do what Doctors do!” is truly an appreciation of their particular fields of knowledge and expertise, with an understanding that all of us, at times, need various approaches to health care and well being, to effectively receive healing and wholeness in the quickest and most complete ways we can.

The body is dynamic, always in a state of change, and always affecting or being affected by our chemistry, our structural integrity and our emotional outlook. We are all intelligent beings, with an ‘innate’ sense of wellness and value of how we truly feel when we feel good or ill.

Working with your health care practitioner, begin to discuss all the options you might explore in the realms of diet, structural integrity, and positive self imagery.