What is being mirrored is our beliefs.  When the beliefs are based on Universal truths, we are served and all is well with our world.  When the beliefs are based on lies and misconceptions, we are not served.

Beliefs like I am not good enough; others are so much better than I; I never get what I want: I never have enough money, etc.  When you! carry these beliefs within you, your world mirrors them to you and makes them so uncomfortable that you come to the conclusion that you need to change those beliefs.

Q. How do you evaluate your clients needs?

A. I first do a consultation with them. I try to find the areas in their life where they are having the most difficulties. I provide a medical intuitive scan of their body and I rely on my clairvoyant abilities to interpret their needs.

Q. What do you do if their medical intuitive scan shows that their body needs assistance?

A. Because I am not a medical doctor, I make no diagnosis. Instead, I pass on the information that I receive. I let them know

what areas are showing an energetic imbalance and offer to give them an energy balancing.

Q. What do you do if the problems are of an emotional or spiritual nature.

A. I provide a method of counseling that immediately finds deep seated beliefs that act as blockages to ones inner strengths and I assist them in removing them permanently, using their guidance to create a new belief that better serves them.

Q. How do you do this?

A. If my client knows how to meditate, I simply go into meditation with them and help guide them to find their own answers. I teach them how to do this process on their own so that they can continue to do their own healing work on themselves at home.

Q. What if you’re client has never meditated?

A. I use my clairvoyant abilities to find the answers for them. I then teach them to meditate and find the answers within themselves. I have never had a client that could not do this after I have taught them.

Q. Can you share with us the types of clients that come to see you?

A. Yes, I am able to work with all age groups. I have children that come to me because they are having difficulty with school, family members, or with their peers. I have young adults who are having difficulties with career, abundance, addictions, relationship problems, fears, anxiety, parenting issues and health issues.

I have elders who come to me with health issues, fears about illness and death, desires to clear their conscience prior to crossing over, desires to communicate with those loved ones who have crossed over, and desires to resolve long standing life issues that they have not been able to break through during their lifetime.

Finally, I have highly specialized work for those who wish to transform their lives quickly and prepare for “the shift”.

Q. Is there anyone who you are not willing to work with.

A. Yes, those who are not willing to do the work to heal themselves.