Are Probiotics For You?

Most everyone is familiar with antibiotics. Doctors prescribe them to fight and prevent infections from bacteria, fungus and certain parasites. The antibiotics enter the body and go about killing bacteria, or at the very least prevent them from growing. Trouble is antibiotics kill microorganisms indiscriminately, without any discernment between the good bacteria and ones actually causing the infection.

That’s right, there are good bacteria. A lot of them. Hundreds of species of microorganisms are at work inside your body, keeping your digestive system functional. You need these little workers in order to stay alive! Widespread unhealthy eating habits combined with the widespread misuse of antibiotics have led to a near nation-wide epidemic of digestive problems…

Infections people take antibiotics for:

colds and flues are caused by viruses, not bacteria

most sore throats are caused by viruses (with the exception of strep throat!)

most nasal infections can be fought off by the body without antibiotics

The Vicious Cycle of Antibiotics

As the good microorganisms are killed off without mercy, the body’s ability to extract nutrients from food is compromised. As the body becomes malnourished, immune systems are put in jeopardy. You may wind up with another infection, and your doctor may prescribe yet another antibiotic-maybe a stronger one this time! This vicious cycle is a major contributor to antibiotic resistance, a growing problem in many parts of the US.

Combat this vicious cycle with PROBIOTICS!!!