Journey to The Pyramid of the Moon

I would like to write today about one of  the most important keys to healing from any illness.  The key is self love.  For me, it took a power journey to Teotihuacan , an ancient Aztec temple in Mexico to reawaken this love within me.  The following story if from my journal of this trip.

It happened on the fifth day of our journey in front of the  pyramid of the moon.  A fellow   traveler  from our  trip walked up to me and with great love in his eyes and said ”  I love you soooo much” I was speechless.  I just looked into his eyes and realized that this message was coming through him, not from him.  It was a universal message sent to me through a virtual stranger. Someone whom I had only met a few days ago.  I didn’t know it then but this was the beginning of my greatest AHA moment  of my life.

The plot thickens.  The Universe loves to plot.

Later that day the group went and meditated at the Palace of the Masters.  It is said that the energy or consciousness of all the masters reside in this one palace.   As I meditated I felt such love running through my heart. There was so much energy there my body actually was rocking back and forth as I meditated.  I noticed the same in others who were meditating.  When I had finished I got up and walked away and sat on the steps by myself.  I again closed my eyes wanting to feel that wonderful feeling of love in my heart again.  It came and with it came the words ” I love you soooo, much.

Margo, open your eyes.” I hesitated because I didn’t want to loose that wonderful feeling of love in my heart.  I heard it again. ” Open your eyes Margo.”  I did so and then the voice said to me, “Be awake in your dream.  You do not have to be in Meditation in order to feel this way all the time.  Look, you are here now, awake and you can still feel this Love.  Stay awake, in your body ,and feel the love.  You can feel this way everyday of your life.”  The feeling remained with me throughout the day off and on.

You thought that was good just wait, the plot thickens.

Then I went to another temple where we sat and meditated again.  By this time I had climbed the Temple of the Moon and walked several miles to arrive at this temple.  I was in so much pain and fatigue that I could barely stand when I began to meditate in front of an ancient drawing of an eagle.  As I stared at the  eagle ,  it spoke to me in my head. ” I love you soooo much”.

Suddenly, a deep place in my heart and memory opened up and with so much love in my heart I returned the statement to the eagle ”  I love you soooo much, soooo much!”?   At that moment there came the realization that I was talking to myself.  I finally realized that it had been soooo long since I truly loved myself with all my heart.  It was then that I released to the eagle all of my pain, physical and mental.  Everything that I had been through during these past several years of illness.  My body shook and raked as energy was flowing out of my body and when it was done I was calm and at peace.  I had no pain, no sorrow, only peace It was then that I knew that I had been healed.  That if I could remember to love myself ,  I would remain well.
If you thought that was good, just wait.

The next day I arrived to the same spot where the young traveler had told me that he loved me. We were again in front of the Pyramid of the Moon.  A author on the trip had asked if she could write a article for Oprah magazine about me and me and my ego had reluctantly agreed.  She asked me to stand on top of a plateau in front of the pyramid of the Moon so that she could take my picture.

Already Tired and trying to save my energy to climb the pyramid of the Sun later that day, I reluctantly climbed the stairs and stood by myself on top of this plaza.  I began to hold my arms out as if I were going to fly up to the pyramid of the Sun on top of the eagle who had helped me heal the day before.  As I did so I heard a voice inside my head say.  “Use my wings so that you might fly and use my eyes so that you might see”?.  Suddenly I felt my body fill with the same feeling as the day before.  I felt a tremendous sense of Love washing through my body.

My teacher Rita, said to me “Margo stay there.  Speak to us.” Everyone from our group turned around and watched me.  Words started coming into my head.  “I am pure love,  I love all of you,  I wish only to share with you my love .  See it, Feel it, This love is for all of you. my dear ones ”  I spoke these words to them and  raised my arms toward them as if I was hugging them all at once. As quick as this awesome power came, it went.  I then lowered my arms and descended from the plateau.

It was then that I experienced who I really was.  The spiritual being that I am,  inside the physical body.  Now whenever I doubt weather I can do something or if I can overcome   cancer.  I just remember who I really am.  You all have this in you.  You must love yourself in order to find it, but it is there.  You too are all love and are loved sooooo much by the Universe.  No one ever has to go without this love, No one! You just have to feel it from within.