Maximize Your Personal Fitness Workout!

Staying fit is essential to one’s overall health and well-being. Starting a personal fitness workout to stay healthy can be a daunting task and sometimes it’s easier to choose the elevator over the stairs. Choosing a healthy lifestyle and keeping in shape is a personal choice and commitment. Engaging in physical activity is only accomplished by 22 percent of American adults. That leaves a large percentage of adults who are unhealthy and inactive.

An unhealthy person puts themselves at risk for heart disease, obesity, diabetes, and a plethora of other health dangers associated with an unbalanced and sedentary lifestyle.

What percentage are you and how well do you know your body? 

It’s time to get moving if you live a sedentary lifestyle. If you’re in shape and desire to kick up your level of health it’s important to know what motivates you physically. Choosing the right workout will keep you motivated and interested in continuing to work out every day.

Working out 5 times a week keeps the body, mind, and spirit balanced for a healthier you.

 Balancing Your Life with Personal Fitness Workouts

Each of us has a unique body with a personalized chemical make-up. Honing into that uniqueness is imperative to optimal balance and complete health. A person benefits the most from a fitness regimen when they understand their unique make-up and what drives them to keep running, walking, biking, hiking or lifting weights.

Working out is a daily struggle for some but only because the routine is boring, hard or un-motivating.  To keep fit and balanced a person needs to find the perfect workout that meets their desire and needs through body build, chemical, and physiological aspects.

If running gets my blood flowing I am not going to be happy stuck at the gym on the Stairmaster. Do you live in a small apartment with minimal room and no equipment to sculpt muscles?  Then the gym will be the perfect place for you to sweat and sculpt.

Figuring out what works best for you and your needs physically and mentally is important. Find the workout that suits your individual needs and keeps you motivated to workout at least 5 days a week for thirty minutes. The opportunities to move the body are endless.

  • Zumba to Yoga classes are fun, energetic, and relaxing
  • Running, biking, and swimming can be done in nature
  • Kickboxing and Tae Kwon Do teach self-defense
  • Weight Lifting burns fat while building lean muscle

These are just a few ways to incorporate a personal fitness workout into your daily routine. If you have never committed to staying physically fit before it can be tough and challenging to begin a workout.

Where do you begin?

 Beginning a fitness routine and making the commitment to stick with it is the hardest part. Realizing the benefits of working out will encourage anyone to begin. It doesn’t matter what age or level, now is the time to begin to stay fit and healthy. We are taught as a culture, that as we begin to age we need to slow down, not true. The statistics don’t lie, “after age 44, upwards of 30 percent of women are sedentary”.

Sedentary is when a person stays seated or is inactive the majority of the time. Becoming active now will help to maintain vibrant health as you grow long into your golden years. Women who are physically active reduce their risk of osteoporosis, arthritis, and heart disease. Take baby steps to become accustomed to what your body feels comfortable with and gradually increase the activity.

  •  When shopping choose to park at the farthest spot from the door. Briskly walk to and from the store.
  •  Grab a partner that will help to motivate and keep you accountable to your fitness goals and levels.
  •  Begin working out at home to feel comfortable with your fitness level before venturing to the gym.
  •  Choose the stairs over the elevator, ride your bike the long way to the store or work.
  •  Adopt a high energy dog and walk or run every day with your new furry friend.

Jump Start Your Routine

Fitness encompasses all aspects of staying healthy from cardiovascular to weights. Choosing the right personal fitness workout to maximize your results for a stronger and healthier you is easier when you know your body’s needs and condition. Moving through cardiovascular activities will help anyone remain active but incorporating muscles enhances the results. Building strong and lean muscles keeps the body balanced. Adding new challenges to your routine helps to awaken the muscles and jump start the mind and body to new concepts and patterns.

Introducing synergistic workouts where muscles and cardio are combined will help struggling health nuts achieve a higher healthier self. Weights don’t have to bulk a person up. Using weights effectively can be a tool to increase muscle mass, sculpting the body for a sleek and lean look. When you introduce weights while incorporating cardio it helps to keep the overall body strong and flexible. Jump squats are an example of combining cardio with muscle building. Jump squats spike the heart rate while building leg muscles with resistance.

Think of new and invigorating ways to incorporate physical activities into your daily routine. New workout strategies will keep the body strong, mind sharp, and overall fitness level balanced. Don’t worry about bulking up or being perfect at your performance. The best thing to do is just get moving. Keeping fit is paramount at any age level and will ward off diseases and other health risks.

Understanding your body and maximizing the elements that work best will enhance your workout and increase flexibility, stamina, and endurance. Working out and keeping in shape helps to balance the entire mind and body which results in a vitally healthy person.