Mixing Up My Routine with Pole Dancing!

Pole dancing has been taking the fitness world by storm over the recent months, and one look inside one of the classrooms or one look at the glowing face of a woman who does it and you can understand why. Pole dancing is all about getting to know your body, fun, and feeling good about yourself. Each class mixes in pleasured faces, erotic dancing, and music intended to keep you moving at all times.

Whether you are just looking to spice things up compared to your usual aerobics class, or want to get serious about your fitness and learn how to climb up a pole, pole dancing fitness might be just what you are looking for.

Twirl, spin, and swing your way around the pole as you improve your self-esteem, burn calories, and look sexy while doing it all. You can even take advantage of extra tips on table dancing and striptease that will make things a little more exciting at home as well.

If you still aren’t convinced enough to give pole dancing a try, just look at some of the benefits this type of exercise can bring to your life:

Toning and Building Muscles

Learning how to support yourself with one arm and manoeuvring around the pole will build muscle in your upper body, while your core works overtime as well. Regular pole dancing can lead to more muscle definition in your thighs, arms, and bum.

Burn Calories

A pole dancing workout can actually burn as much as 250 calories, which is the equivalent of a good, hard workout at the gym.

Cheer Up

The exertion that takes place in your body from pole dancing helps cheer you up and can get you out that funk you often feel in the winter. Learn how to be sexier and release endorphins that will keep you happy, healthy, and more energetic.

It is time to face the facts. Pole dancing isn’t just something that you have to practice on your special anniversaries. It is a regular form of exercise that can help you look and feel better. The only major difference is that pole dancing is a whole lot more fun and feels like a lot less work than most other workouts out there today.

If you don’t believe it then get out there and give it a try for yourself, after one lesson you are sure to understand why so many women swear by pole dancing for their toned bodies.