Re-Balance the Energy of the Body

It has been my path as an energy sensitive to learn how the body responds to the healing force that moves through us.  I call this life force energy. Since early childhood I have been aware of this life force energy that is around us and that moves through us.  There were places that felt good to me to be in and other places that I wished to avoid, just by the way the energy felt to me.

It was the same with people, there were those who I felt comfortable around and those who I felt uneasy around.  This was a sense that I felt when I first met them.  At an early age, I was not aware that I had the ability to sense energy or other peoples emotions but still I trusted this sense and it did indeed save my life once.

Now I know that this is a natural ability that I have and I use it to assist me in the healing arts.  By sensing and scanning the energy being emitted by the body, I can tell how the body is functioning.  If the body is in total harmony and balance, there is a beautiful flow to it.  When there is an imbalance in the body, it is as if something is blocking that beautiful flow and the energy feels disturbed and disrupted.

What I have found is that one can rebalance the energy of the body by removing the disturbed energy and replacing it with a balance flow of energy.  When I do this, I know that the body’s wisdom will direct the energy exactly where it is needed for the body’s highest good.  Since everything is actually made up of energy, some more dense than others, there isn’t anything that can not be rebalanced or returned to harmony by shifting the energy.

Another thing that I have found by doing energetic body work is that ones beliefs and emotions can have a effect on the energy of the body.  This is what led me to do work on the consciousness level.  I speak lightly about holding issues in the tissues but in my healing practice, I see that this is not just a light matter.

Pain caused by trapped energy in the body is often relieved by releasing inner conflicts caused by stored emotional issues and beliefs.  I have literally seen people’s color come back to them when they have release a old childhood trauma or past traumatic experience.  I often will have them go look in the mirror to have them see the change in their appearance, it is so overwhelming.

There was a recent landmark study done at Kaiser Permanente here in San Diego by Dr. Vincent Felitti, M.D.  The study is called The Relationship Between Adverse Childhood Experiences and Adult Health. The findings show a remarkable relationship between our emotional experiences as children and our adult emotion health, physical health, and major causes of Mortality in the United States.  It was also shown that time did not heal old wounds and that they last well into middle age and older.

It has been my experience that by working with the energy of the body, and working with the energy held in our thoughts, emotions, and beliefs, healing can occur on multiple levels.