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Getting Healthy in 2018!

This year will be more important than ever before!The rising cost of medical care has led to the genesis of corporate medicine (HMOs) and the big question as to who is handling your medical decisions – doctors or corporate executives?

It can be disheartening for both the patient and the doctor. This is why you MUST take an active role in taking care of your health.

The following suggestions may be of help:

  • Drink 8 glasses of filtered water a day (reverse osmosis is one of your better choices).
  • Eat plenty of Complex Carbohydrates (Whole grains, legumes, beans, the less processed the better).
  • Eat organic fruits and vegetables.
  • Limited red meat and pork. Eat meat that is hormone, and antibiotic free.
  • Eat fish at least twice a week.
  • Supplement with a good multi-vitamin – one that is balanced, has a guarantee of potency and does not have any necessary additives. We have had great results with a brand called Usana.
  • Eliminate partially hydrogenated fats from your diet (Margarine) and increase the use of fats rich in mono and poly unsaturated fatty acids ( flaxseed oil, borage oil, extra virgin cold pressed olive oil).
  • Foods to avoid: white sugar, white flour, partially hydrogenated fats, artificial sweeteners, soft drinks, and highly processed food.
  • Exercise – yoga and tai chi are both beneficial for mind and body. Weight baring exercises are good for muscle and bone strength, and aerobics help strengthen your heart and circulation.
  • Get rid of toxic chemicals in your home.
  • Make sure your life has balance between productive time and leisure time.
  • Develop friendships that are supportive and uplifting. Spend time with your friends.

Live a full, healthy, productive life in the new millennium and you will not have to visit me other than to show me how healthy you are.

The peaceful coexistence of seemingly different or even opposite approaches to health care is a good standard of ‘complimentary care’.

The ancient adage of “Doctors do what Doctors do!” is truly an appreciation of their particular fields of knowledge and expertise, with an understanding that all of us, at times, need various approaches to health care and well being, to effectively receive healing and wholeness in the quickest and most complete ways we can.

The body is dynamic, always in a state of change, and always affecting or being affected by our chemistry, our structural integrity and our emotional outlook. We are all intelligent beings, with an ‘innate’ sense of wellness and value of how we truly feel when we feel good or ill.

Working with your health care practitioner, begin to discuss all the options you might explore in the realms of diet, structural integrity, and positive self imagery.