The BEST Home Workouts for Women

When we make a decision to start working out we have our personal health and fitness in mind. Working out is a selfish decision because we focus on the care and outcome of ourselves. Being selfish isn’t always a bad thing, because if we aren’t healthy and strong we can’t help others.

Maintaining top physically health is essential as we grow older. Engaging in a fitness routine from home makes it easier to accomplish a work out every day.

Working out in a gym is popular but working out at home is just as effective and returns the same results as found in the gym. The road to happy healthiness involves cross training, and that can include incorporating workouts in or near the home. Working out from the comfort of your home is a step away from a constricting gym. At home workouts offer flexibility, variety, and a change of routine.

Ask yourself the following three questions when considering working out from home.

  1. Who could use a little extra time in their day?
  2. How do you add variety to your workout?
  3. If you could find the right routine, would you stick with a workout?

These three concepts will help you step outside the gym into a new arena of fitness workouts.

Save Energy by Saving Time

One of the beautiful things about working out at home is the time factor. Think about all the time you will save when you roll out of bed or walk through the front door and your right where you need to be to workout.

All you need to do is throw on your gym shoes, and you’re working up a sweat in the comfort of your living room or out the door to a run, bike, hike, or swim. No driving to the gym, no sweaty machines, and no wasting precious time caught in a long winded conversation about your colleague’s bad day at work.

Another tremendous time saver is the reduction in time needed for workouts. Without the use of machines, working out with a streamlined DVD, specially designed fitness program, or tailored routine focuses attention on muscles and cardio. Targeting your muscles and cardio more intensely reduces the time needed to achieve desired results.

Flavia Del Monte, creator of Curvalicious Body Sculpting System, is an uplifting and captivating instructor with a workout that targets weight loss and muscle toning for women. She focuses on key workout principles and aims to blast fat and tone muscles. When working out from home, it is crucial to your success to find an effective instructor to guide you in cardio and muscle training.

Cross Training with Home Workouts for Women

It doesn’t take much to get started with working out at home. A few hand weights, a mat, and your favorite workout video are enough to get started. Incorporate the items found in your home like chairs, towels, and tables to assist you as you twist and tone.

Choose a mix of video workouts that target muscles with cardio workouts in or outside the home. When you target muscle groups and incorporate a variety of cardio routines you are essentially cross training. Cross training is effective as it interrupts muscle and brain memory from becoming accustomed to a routine. Results don’t happen overnight you must be committed and determined to see a difference.

Incorporating a variety of workouts and routines such as these examples will give you options and keep you interested and committed.

  •  Running is meditative with wind on your face, fresh air to breathe, and natural sounds to hear
  • Swimming can be invigorating with the cool and salty water energizing your soul   
  • Lift weights through toning exercises and resistance training from a video
  • Biking or hiking on a trail will add some challenges to your muscles and mind
  •  Natural moves like yoga or step training engage the muscles and can be done in your living room

You will be more likely to stick with a routine if you love it and enjoy participating in it. Our energy increases, joints and bones become stronger, and we reduce our chances of becoming ill when we engage in daily fitness activities.

Choosing the Right Workout

If you’re a health fitness nut looking for a way to ramp up your routine, check out Rusty Moore’s focused routine.  Rusty Moore, of Visual Impact for Women,  is a respected fitness instructor and he has designed a specialized routine called “Visual Impact for Women” that promises to boost your health and fitness goals. Finding new and innovative ways to enhance or shake up your fitness workout is crucial to keeping your body, muscles and mind challenged. 

Choose workouts that are enjoyable to your soul and physique. Working out five times a week will reduce your risk of illness, increase your energy level, and keep you young at heart. Pick a goal to achieve. Some of the oldest marathoners are in their seventies, eighties, and nineties.

Longevity is achieved by eating healthy, working out and staying fit. The options are endless for choosing which workout routine is right for you. The options to staying fit outside of a gym are abundant; with videos of motivational instructors, detailed workout plans, cross training routines and the great outdoors.

At home workouts for women don’t have to be boring or unconventional. Cross training to incorporate a variety of routines will keep your muscles, mind, and overall health challenged and in shape. Choosing the right routine is imperative to your continued engagement. When you work out at home, pick a motivating instructor and choose fun and challenging routines that blast fat and tone muscles. At the end of the day, it’s not about what you accomplished; it’s about how you feel. Working out makes you feel good.